eDrum - Construction

Building eDrum


Note that this is a Do-It-Yourself project. You can find all information needed to build the trigger unit and pads on this site, including plans and schematics. All I ask in return is to send me some pics of your finished project. And if you have any questions, just ask in the forum. The cost of eDrum unit is about 60 euro, but you can always save some money using spare parts... Drum pads should cost you about 35 euro each, maybe less.


What you need

For complete eDrum module with 15 channels you will need three printed circuit boards: Main PCB where PIC microcontroller is located and two analog boards, that provides 8 inputs each. You can build the microcontroller unit and analog inputs on prototype board, or you can use one of the PCB designs available.

Next, you will need electronic components - find the list on the Schematics page.

Then, you have to flash the PIC - find the firmware (HEX file) on the Download page.

And for the last step, you need to wire it all together. Here is the wiring diagram of how to connect the hihat and pads to eDrum inputs:

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HiHat inputs

HiHat needs two inputs, one for pedal with potentiometer and another for piezo. Pedal input is a special input and needs a few changes on PCB to work. Modification on pedal input (channel 1) are: Do not mount a gain potentiometer, nor input capacitor. Replace them by a jumper. Adjust with trimmer pot the full open position. Here is a detail of HiHat wiring and modification:

Hihat input detail

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