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He said:

Hi, admir,

So I give you some pics of my edrum, a pic of a pad, style V-drum, and my Diy Hit-hat controller. Thank you so much for you help, for take time to share your works and help people.

Sorry to have copied your design.


James made a portable version of eDrum and he participates with it in church events. Amazing! He said:

Hi Admir,

Thank you for your detailed website and your openness to share the program. I have attached pictures of my portable creation of the eDrum. I used the DR5 for the MIDI output.

This eDrum I use for home practice and also for church events. Everyone likes it!

Once again, I appreciate your time. I look forward to your 24-channel version.


Florian is from Vienna, Austria. He said:

Hi Admir:

I have just finished building my Edrum and would like to share some photos with you.

Thank you for providing your fantastic work!

Cheers, Flo / Vienna, Austria


Jesus is from Málaga, Spain. He said:

Hi Admir.

Excuseme but my english is bad. Im spanish. For a year make a edrum and I have been using it in my small home studio. It works very well and I want to thank for its effort. I am making a WEB in Spanish with something of aid on DIY of the EDRUM and other projects and want to request permission to offer something of aid in Spanish on like mounting its EDRUM.



Sugath is from Sri Lanka. I like very much his pad design. He said:

Hi admir

I'm Sugath Rajapakse from Sri Lanka. Thank you for your attractive project. I made it. It works very well. It is difficult to find some parts in Sri Lanka. However I made all PCB s this case and Drum pads by my self. I'm studying microcontroller programming. ...

Here with I attached some photos. Sorry for the bad picture Quality of my poor web cam.

Thank you very much again admir.


He said:

Hi Admir, i'm Greeny.

After months of gathering funds, crafting pads & soldering PCB, here it is ! I thought you'd be happy that one more beginner drummer made it thanks to your fantastic design :)

Kit is made from :
- PVC for the rack
- Yamaha PCY-60 hi-hat
- tama, remo & stagg practice pads + home-made mesh heads !
- Deep cymbals with foam & acrylic practice cymbals underneath (to mute them)
- Kick pads are made from 20 years old pieces of Meccano® construction game
Still missing : hi hat pedal, 2nd floor tom and several cymbals.
Overall price : ~200€

I use your drumbrain on Serial port, because my SBLive died and the NForce 2 sound system isn't bad at all, but doesn't have a midi port. With the serial-to-midi driver you linked, i can achieve stunning 10ms latency ! O_O it's even better than with KxDrivers & Asio drivers for the SBlive... Really, i went through a lot of troubles to build it all, but *what a pleasure* it is to play !

Once again, thank you ! Drummer's scene really owe you lots :)

Artem Chernyavskiy

Artem is from Russia. He said:

Hi Admir,

Great project! Thanks! This is my reprise of you eDrum controller. Its not bad, but and not good Since I hurried Project work fine. Cheap. Easy to realise.




He said:

Hi Admir,

Here are some pics of my Edrum and testing pads built for 2$.




Daniel is from Alingsas, Sweden. He sent me pics of his eDrum, I liked it very much, nice design. He said:

Hi admir. I'm just gonna drop off some pictures of my eDRUM. Now it's time to build some pads.

I'm really impressed with what you have deisgned...

best regards

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