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eDrum - Links

Usefull links Free MIDI DIY Projects by Thorsten Klose
Microchip Technology Inc. Microchip Technology Inc. Home Page
The PICList PIC Mailing list
IC-Prog PIC Programmer software
PonyProg Serial device programmer
JDM The most popular PIC programmer hardware
Tiny Bootloader The bootloader for PIC
Complete guide to PIC PIC Microcontrollers on-line e-book
miSim DE Java based microcontroller simulator Code snippets, sample applications and more
Maxim Maxim Home Page
OrCAD The best electronic CAD software
Labcenter Electronics Proteus electronic design software
EPROM Programmer Willem EPROM Programmer
Talking Electronics Some of the projects you can design with a PIC
Beyond Logic uClinux and Interfacing PC
MIDI-OX All-purpose MIDI Utility.
MIDI Docs MIDI Technical-Programming Docs
Digital-Laboratory Lot of interesting stuff here
AudioTester Spectrum analyzer, Wave generator and Oscilloscope using a soundcard. Amazing.
Cloned music circuits DIY vintage analog guitar pedal schematics and design notes
EDrum For Free Designs for building pads and triggers
Sound On Sound Magazine DIY Drum Pad and Pedal Triggers International Electronics Forum Center
Electronics Lab Electronic projects with full schematics
DIY MIDI Controllers using PIC Great resources and links about interfacing PIC for MIDI
Synthzone MIDI, Synthesizer and Electronic Music Production Resource Guide