eDrum - Old schematics

Old circuit - Obsolete now

eDrum Controller with PIC16F84

This is a original idea I developed around (the most popular?) PIC16F84. But, as soon as I started to add a new functionalities, like a LCD,... I realized that it has not enough of processing power (It usually hapens to the Windows users :-) The only thing I could do is forget about a good old F84 and move to F877.

This is what I developed so far:

Analog signal input conditioner (8 times).

This is a real heart of the project. Everything is under control of PIC16F84.

Microcontroller module. With PIC16F84 running at 10MHz and 8 channel A/D converter MAX155 running at 5MHz.

Power supply unit. Ah! 7805 is missing :-)