eDrum - PCB



The eDrum controller is designed around two main modules: analog and digital.

Analog PCB

Here is the PCB for the analog part of eDrum. It has two LM324 onboard, which gives us a total of 8 analog inputs.

Analog PCB

In the real world:

Digital PCB

Here is the PCB for the digital part. It carries PIC, 4051 miltiplexer, LCD connector, MIDI out and power supplies.

Digital PCB

In the real world:

The LCD is mounted either directly or on small PCB together with buttons. You can download all necessary files from the Download page.

More PCB designs

There are others that contribute and have sent me their own versions of PCBs that are fully functional and tested. See below.

eDrum PCB - (c) Pearl

Pearl sent me his modified version of the PCB of eDrum that combines analog and digital parts. Note that this is probably the easiest way to build eDrum if you need only 8 channels.

Pearl PCB

Firmware for this PCB: Firmware v1.1.

You will need EAGLE (freeware) to see/print/modify it, you get it here:
PD. Remember to activate Tools->Ratsnest option to see groundplane in EAGLE.

I also build it - it is very good design. Here is how it looks:

If you have questions regarding the circuit, please post them in the forum.